• Techniques of Perspective Drawing

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    Table Cups

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    In the world of drawing and painting we have great masters who have given us great joy in looking at the masterpieces produced by some of these great men. Pablo Passico was a master of perspective. So great was he that he did one of the most amazing things to art, he took away perspective. […]

  • Circles in Perspective

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    One of the most important skills in perspective drawing is the ability to construct circles (ellipses) in perspective. The circle is so ordinary, when you are working with drilled holes in surfaces, circular parts protruding from a surface, rounded corners, cylinders of various types, cones and circular lines on spheres. Even when you want to […]

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  • Shadow And Light Source

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    Shadow on the beach

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    It is always best to have a single light source. Think of the light as being a single point at a certain direction and height above the object. Shadows that are cast to either side or behind an object usually reflect a good choice of light position. This shadow will not dominate. We use unpretentious […]

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  • Technical illustrations generally have to describe and explain the subjects to a non-technical audience.

    Therefore, the visual image should be accurate in terms of dimensions and proportions, and should provide “an overall impression of what an object is or does, to enhance the viewer’s interest and understanding”.

  • Linear perspective, a system of creating an illusion of depth on a flat surface.

    In linear perspective parallel lines that diminish into the distance appear to get closer together or converge.

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